If this is way too off topic please move it..

Currently I have a TCF checking account, no fees or minimum balance.
However, I will be closing this bank account and opening a new one (so it won't have my Dad's name on the account) and I think I want to try a different bank.

It needs to be 'free' as in no monthly fees, I would pay for the checks sure, also, I would want it to come with a visa debit card or something like my TCF account has.

Another major concern is for it to be a bank that has an online service that syncs with Microsoft Money very well.

Anybody have any recommendations? I hear so many random 'bad' things about banks, TCF has really been perfect for me so far. I just wish their Microsoft Money support was better, I'm not positive if they even sync anymore after the changes to their online banking site, I haven't tried in awhile.

What say anybody?