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Thread: New Wrinkle in the Blower Issue

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    Default New Wrinkle in the Blower Issue

    I today positively identified a lose connection in the Main Fuse Box causing my Blower Intermittentcy. It had gone off as i drove over a hump in the road as i drove straight in to rush hour gridlock. I got off the next exit and went to Gas up and check the fuse. As i had the key in and the blower switched on i opened the Fuse Box and checked #19 which was good so i replaced it. Then i just started gently moving the relays and modules in that box and i think it was a yellow one i touched and the blower went on so i went in and started the car then it went off again . Out back to the Fuse Box and repeated the gentle jiggling of the parts enclosed therein and it was back on. I didn't get to pinpoint the culprit because i didn't hear when it came on but later it went off again and this time a simple tap to the whole box while closed got it to come on so should i unbolt the Fuse box and check the harness leading to and from the base? Any known fixes? Do these Blower Motors REALLY go bad all that often? I bought one from a junk yard with 80,000 miles but if my problem is just lose connections i wonder if i should get my $60.00 back or hold on to it .
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