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Thread: Speaker upgrade..Opinions

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    Default Speaker upgrade..Opinions

    Answers to this topic look to be a couple of years old. I'd like to upgrade my stock speakers without breaking the bank. I have an Alpine stereo that is relatively new. Ease of installation would also be a factor. Just want a good, quality sound, not thump the neighborhood.

    What are some good choices?

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    The answer is still the same. Front speaker is most important along with the head unit.

    I think the most important is adjusting the fader, bass and treble is the most important of all before upgrading. I recently drove Acura RSX loaner car... sound was terrible at factory 0 level and someone's attempt to improve it with treble at the highest... When I adjusted the whole thing to the right balance and tonal quality... I was very impressed with the factory system.

    First thing to do on any factory head unit/system is adjust the fader to more front... like +3 or +4. Front speakers are front stage where we want to listen from... not the back... back is just a surround 'minor' sound fill.

    Then you raise the volume to a moderately loud system and listen... does it sound too boomy? Most systems are... so set the bass down like -2 or so... Then listen to the treble... can you hear it? Is the higher frequency clear and crisp? No. most system are not... so turn it up... like +2 or +3.

    The above tuning instruction is for factory amp/head unit... even with upgraded head unit and factory amp... still applies.

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    When you do upgrade to new amp. then it is a whole new ball game to adjustments... For this latter setup... all settings to 0. Then adjust the sounds from amp first... more sound to front... adjust for bass and treble if it is an option... or by crossover if installed... and then finally by tweaking a bit with the head unit in bass and treble only... Fader is already set by amp and if you still do have to touch fader. then readjust at amp and set to 0 on head unit.

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    I have been looking into upgrading audio, but I want to stay as close to stock as I can. I have read comments that A/D/S components and MB Quart seem to fit well. As far as amplifiers and crossovers, BMW audio wiring is unique, typical german engineering. They thought enough to make the upgrade fairly simple once you get going.

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    I used some 5 1/4 inch units from Infinity - their "Perfect" series. I'm very happy with the sound. They're not cheap but do include a proper cross-over.

    The front mid/bass drivers are a bit deeper than stock so I had to cut out a circle in the front kick panels - but this is easy as there is a circle sort of moulded into the back of the kick panels. I mounted the tweeter pods right next to the mid/bass units as, on doing some research on the 'net, this is supposed to reduce effects that would otherwise be caused in the cross-over frequency region by a large spatial separation between the mid/bass units and the tweeters.

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