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Thread: sputtering and loss of power

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    Default sputtering and loss of power

    Out of the blue my car wouldn't turn over it would just crank like it wasn't getting enough fuel. Then when it finally started, the idle was incredibly rough and low and the engine would shake more then usual. If you hit the gas it would sputter then the rpms would go up and fall like normal but it would continue to sputter whenever you hit the gas. Sometimes the idle would smooth out but the car would sputter like like it wants to stall but it wouldn't. After taking it out for a drive theres a complete loss of power I would floor it and it would almost stall out but then start moving a bit and it just had poor acceleration. So I figured the car wasn't getting fuel and that it was a fuel pump problem, so I changed out the fuel filter and fuel pump and it's still doing the same thing. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem could be. Could it possibly be the sending unit?

    Thanks and sorry for the lengthy post.
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    check for vacuum leaks. also it might be signs of you MAF sensor going bad.

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