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    I am swapping a 1990 m20 engine with a 1994 m50. The harness are different and the computers are also different, Has anyone ever done this ? Is this possible or will it be a dead end ?

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    If you are already swapping then you have a lot going for you. You should do your homework before beginning such a project. To be honest with you, unless you are swapping in an S50 or S52, I would just sell the M20 car and buy an M50tu 525i. The everything is already set to swap in an S50 or S52. Here are things you should already have done:

    Do you have the tranny/mount and driveshaft?
    Do you have the Bentley manual?
    Wiring diagrams?
    Heat shrink, connectors, soldering gun, etc.?
    full exhaust?
    flywheel/clutch/slave cylinder?
    Differential with lower ratio such as a 3.23:1 or 3.46:1?
    If the engine is from an e36, do you have the e34 oil pan and oil pump?
    New coolant hoses?
    A month+ to finish the project?
    Etc, etc....
    Brandon J

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    Both cars are E34 and I have every thing from the m 50 car, "engine,tranny, computer,wirering,rear end, exaust etc...

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