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Thread: Electrical gremlins in the dashboard....

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    Default Electrical gremlins in the dashboard....

    Last night, I take the car out of the parking lot at the grocery store and go thru a loose snowbank left by the snow removal machinery, only powdery snow, nothing solid. Then, the battery light and parking brake light up but only very faintly.... They do this for about 5 seconds then they go off.

    I turn onto my street, again, a foot and a half snow bank of loose snow. I go thru it and same thing, lights go on but faintly, for about 5 seconds...

    How can the snow affect the electrical system like that? It looks like the system is being shorted out somewhere....

    Fog lights were on, I don't know if it has anything to do about it. Lenses are not cracked...

    Battery is 1 month old and the alternator checked out fine when tested at the same time...

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    Could it be that the alternator belt got covered by the loose snow, causing the belt to slip and the alternator to loose speed?

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