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Thread: OT, with all this virus talk I may have to get an

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    Default OT, with all this virus talk I may have to get an

    antivirus program and run it... Which programs do you guys prefer as the fastest scanning, least intrusive yada yada...

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    yea, i'm thinking the same thing Bill.

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    Default Virus software

    I like this one. It is free, provides online updates, and discovered six virus's on my computer where Norton detected none.

    Download the "Free Edition" on far left column.
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    16 years windows defender good enough?
    I am presently using ESET Internet Security for windows 10, price is abt $40 for up to 5 units. Just did some readings about windows defender which is free and apparently defender is much better than the old Microsoft Security Essentials back in the Windows 7 days when it was offered as a separate download, in addition I installed adw cleaner and installed adblock plus
    2 previews below windows defender vs eset

    How do the forum members handle that nowadays? Have to renew the eset licence this summer and would like to have some opinions if that is still necessary to pay for it or the free defender is o.k.

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    LOL. I still use XP with no issues. No one trys to hack a non existent system that wont even support a browser. Cant use any browser with XP now, nothing will work as a browser at all except at a very limited function. Until I went looking and thought "What would they do in China" where they can't afford to upgrade OP systems every few years? Maxthon. All 4 of my desktop systems are on it, seems stable and safe. None of my old graphics and print solution programs will run on any OS newer than XP and I don't have a spare 30K to throw at it just because I can't surf the net. With Maxthon I have AdBlockPlus, and Malewarebytes free. Also run antiquated PeerBlock < no clue what that does but doesn't slow anything down. I'm good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill R. View Post
    least intrusive yada yada...
    I use a regular face mask obtained at the local CVS, if I get paranoid.
    For the computer, been using Nurton Antivirus software for some time now, they charge about $90 a year, for 6 devices including smartphones , of course, regular virus definition updates. First year is $45. 30 days trial period, try it.

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