each and every single time someone (myself, shop) opens the pan up on the transmission (a4s 310r, 4l30e) in my m50 powered 92 525i, bolts strip. my friends and i helicoiled about 3-4 during the filter change we just did, but more stripped out as we put it back in. even using an inch-pound accurate torque wrench, we stripped at least two of them in the forward pan. (we) were trying to eliminate a transmission leak that we believed to be coming from the forward pan gasket, so, in desperation, we took the pan off, put a very small quantity of RTV onto it, and upped the bolt torque from 9 to 10 ft-lbs, at which time they stripped. i don't think that 1 ftlb should do this.....long story short, the leak isn't from the pan, but i've given serious thought to helicoiling every bolt hole in the tranny when it comes out for repair. anyone else?