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Thread: Recommendations re. 7's

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    George -

    The wifey is thinking of getting rid of her Chrysler 300m and thinks something in the 7-series will be near the top of her list. (she's impressed that my 535im that's 9 years older with 5 times the mileage on the clock is sounder than her 300m).

    The 1st car we looked at (just down the road) has the m60. I haven't checked the casting #'s yet., plus it appears to be a little rough around the edges. Probably not a canidate.

    Give me some of your thoughts, and if there is a site you know of with all the do's and don'ts, please provide a link.

    Somebody at roadflea has an 733i with only 30k on the clock. I told her for the money, I'd at least consider that, but I think she wants an e38, maybe a super clean e32.

    Thanks in Advance,
    1990 535i 5-sp., except for 16" M-Contours, cd deck, and clear corners, completely stock. 226k and running strong

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    the whole issue Mitch is it E-34, E-32, E-38 etc. Have to say it is very difficult to find a very clean example that someone wants to sell. An example is I was looking at a very clean unmodded E-34 525i 5 speed California car when I was shopping for a daily driver and I opted out as nice as it was. Why? Because the car although very nicely maintained needed about everything.....all new suspension...probably a clutch near term and etc. The issue with these cars isn't the car itself...hard to fault 8-15 year old BMW' where they are on the maintainence cycle. Many times owners put them up for sale because they know they need $4K of work and that is only for parts :-) Buying newer IMHO is much more practical for wifey unless you want to be maintaining two older BMW's which means either pay the man or you will be out in the garage all the time wrenching. I love to wrench...probably more than many on this board but would prefer a daily driver that is a bit more turn key. You can find a clean lower mileage E-38 but you will pay for a nice one. My E-32 has been almost completely rebuilt at 149K but most are drivers that need a lot of work.

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    I love my 1997 E38, but I have to say, the E34 is more fun to drive. We use the E38 as a vacation car. It's great for that. Fits our family of 5 comfortably. 3 daughters in back seat works out without problems. They got skinny butts!

    My suggestion to you would be, if you don't need the room in a 7, just get another 5er, maybe an e39 this time.

    Now I have had some problems with the E38, namely a radiator leak, an expansion tank failure (actually was left stranded in the middle of winter), fuel line leak on top the gas tank, dash display pixel failures, and the pita crank case ventilation valve. I do like the e38, and have no plans on parting with it, but honestly, it's been much more of a pain in the ass than either of my 535s.

    I'll also tell you that I replaced the thrust and control arms on my e38 at 100k miles, when I did not have to. They looked new. I replaced them out of habit from having replaced them on the E34's! But Bilsteins made their way into it at the same time, so no regrets. With the (very expensive) Bilsteins it does have a much more sporty ride to it. Somewhere between the daughters stock 535 suspension, and my Bav spring, M5 Sways, Bilstein Sports suspension on my 535. The front Bilsteins for the 740 were over $200 each!

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