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Thread: 94 540i sticky brake pedal

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    Default 94 540i sticky brake pedal

    1994 540i automatic. Brake pedal sticks when pressed, thus leaving the
    brake lights on. I can pull it back up with my foot and the lights go
    out. Even though pedal sticks, it doesn't feel as if the brakes
    themselves are sticking.

    Is this a simple thing like needing to lube the brake pedal mechanism,
    or something else? Thoughts? Thanks.

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    Glad you found your way here... be patient, the pros will advise!

    fill out your profile - car, location.....
    it makes a big difference in the answers you receive.
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    I would start by lubing the mechanics of it under the dash and see if that loosens it up any.
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    It does not apply here, but:
    FOR THE RECORD..... for others with this issue...

    If the car was a RHD (which it's not)
    This would apply:
    I had this same problem on my RHD E28. The damn things are designed as LHD
    and the master cylinder is also on the lefthand side of the engine bay. It's
    'remotely' operated by a linkage rod running across the bulkhead from the
    pedal on the right side of the vehicle. The pivots for this rod often get
    overlooked when it comes to lubrication maintenance. A few drop of oil and
    all will be well.
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