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Thread: Will the OBC still work correctly with Megasquirt?

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    Default Will the OBC still work correctly with Megasquirt?

    I'm toying with the idea of building Megasquirt for my 535i.

    I have a spare Motronic 1.3 ECU and am contemplating fitting all the Megasquirt electronics inside the Motronics case and wiring the Megasquirt directly to the correct pins of the Motronic connector. This will enable me to use the original factory loom without having to modify it.

    Fitting knock sensing and maybe a MAF are other possibilities but I'll start just with the Megasquirt first.

    My main concern is will the OBC still work correctly if not using the factory ECU?

    1990 E34 535iA, 215,000kms (130,000 miles).
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    I don't think so. The signals for diagnostic tool (i.e. GT1) are specific to type of DME.
    Edit: Sorry it is 01:20 in the night on Jersey!
    I read OBD instead of OBC. I really can't say how it is be with OBC. You need to check whad kind of signals are going to OBC from DME.
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