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Thread: BMW wheel and tyre/tire geometry/sizes explained...

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    Default BMW wheel and tyre/tire geometry/sizes explained...

    Attached is a graph of all the wheel dimensions applicable to BMW cars I have been able to find...

    Offset, PCD, width, Tires, Tyres, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 inch - it's all here for your information on exact stock sizes:

    UPDATE: Chart changed due to some silly mistakes
    Thanks people! Remember, offset is a range- if you stick to the chart you should be ok but you must be very careful exceeding it. Guard rolling should not be required within these ranges. Having to roll the guards indicates you are too close as BMW designs/pre-rolls its fenders with considerable thought at the factory.

    Be sure to tell me if I'm wrong on anything... and make sure you exercise caution using this information- I may be just that... WRONG!

    In fact if any of you know a lawyer or would ever consider hiring one, take it that all this information is unintentionally wrong and I didn't mean it in any way to be useful to anyone, after all it is probably the general abuse of the legal system that is stopping people from taking any personal responsibilty for anything anymore, especially the planet... such a positive outcome we should all be lawyers so the world could become even better.
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