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Thread: Vfaq Micro filter replacement e34 (with pictures!!)

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    Default Vfaq Micro filter replacement e34 (with pictures!!)

    Needed Tools:
    Good phillips and t20 screwdrivers,
    also common sense as I may have forgotten a screw or two in this vfaq.
    Please note that i shot these during REASSEMBLY so you may sometimes
    see a part I already told you to move/remove. Pictures are a GUIDE
    not the entire story, but aleast they'll give you an idea of what and where .

    thanks to the e34 website for the original inspiration and sort of directions.

    Step 1: remove glovebox. remove the straps from the glovebox
    (lift up the narrow side of the metal retaining clip, push it off)
    and undo the two latches under the glove box at the rear.

    Step Two: Remove the carpeted trim panel by removing
    the single phillips head screw

    Step Three: remove the black plastic cover by
    A: removing the black plastic clip that goes into the heater duct
    and a phillips at the top &
    B: pushing it backwards to disengage the retaining tabs .

    Step Four: Remove the Black floor vent tube,
    There are two phillips behind the glovebox, one up top and maybe one other.

    Step Five: remove the grey plastic clip by squeezing the sides
    and sliding it out

    Step Six: clip or slide down the ziptie that holds the wiring harness
    that leads to the black box located aft of the microfilter.
    This will give you enough slack to move that box aside
    without disconnecting the plugs.

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