Well, I've got the next 7 days off. So what do I do. Yep, that's right. Jump into a new project or three.

I've been in various stages of painting my door sill trim (waiting for the warmer weather!) for the last 4 months, but today I finally took a go at removing the door panels to get access to the interior sill strips.

Boy, what a process!

Got it done though, and that led me to the latest project.

The wood trim. Ugh. Never liked it.

I was going to lay carbon-fiber over each piece, but I'm kind of broke right now. So I decided on a satin black finish instead. I have to say, for the first coat, it looks good. I'll be wet sanding and finishing up this week. Maybe some pictures along with it.

Also painting the grill support (sheet metal) this week. Assuming the (hopefully matched) paint arrives in time.

I always knew I'd spend my vacations with a loved one. I just never thought it'd be my car