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Thread: Rofl...gg ricer pix ftw

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    Poor Z4. I swear some people deserve POS cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incantation
    if you're taking a shot at e31 or e34 wide grill being taken from a domestic car.. you are clueless.

    if you think that hartge grill design was taken from a domestic car.. you are clueless. nobody in europe even drives pontiacs, let alone knows what they look like

    if you think a honda engine is bad.. you are even more clueless.

    silly guy
    It's a joke thread, chill, I didn't mean to flare your temper jeez.

    I never said anything seriously, but if you have to take it that way-

    I don't know why you think I even remotely implied that people in Europe drive in American cars... ???????

    Hondas have been abused by every single owner in my area and I have yet to see a well-maintained honda where I live, hence my joking snap at honda. It's the drivers who fail to appreciate that I am mocking. I'm not being serious, this is the internet.

    I love the E31 and E34 grill, I was making a comical comparison, lol if you don't care for it it then don't laugh. I'm sorry that I'm not going to debate with you. I could care less about your depressing and irritatingly negative opinion.

    I say the grill looks like an american car because it does, wether or not the American car company stole it form the germans is not my problem. It is again an issue of seeing them everyday, and someone on the board brought it up before (the exact car name) I thought it was "funny" so I decided to add it to this comical blurb.

    I'm not clueless, and I don't know what you have against my posts. If you are going to debate and want me to LEARN something from you comment on the normal board...heh
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    hey fergie you tell me to chill then write an essay.. lol

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    The last few posts in this thread made me laugh out loud which I don't think i've ever done at work.

    Thank you, thank you very much.

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    Looks good!


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    Quote Originally Posted by l.russlan
    Looks good!

    are you serious?!? its hideous!!

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