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Thread: BWM 530i 1994 Transmission slipping

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    Default BWM 530i 1994 Transmission slipping

    Joe here in Orlando
    1994 530i 168,000 miles

    I recently noticed that my transmission begin to slip. First the transmission was only slipping while the engine was cold, now I notice the transmission has begin to slip more. What should I do? Should I have the fluid changed? I was told at Fields BMW not to change the fluid. Can someone give me more information about the transmission services. I already checked the Bentley Manual.

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    First thing, stop driving it!! Slipping clutch packs self destroy very quickly.The only thing you could do yourself is to make sure there is enough fluid in there. Drain and refill if possible.If this doesn't work, i'm afraid it's off to the tranny specialist.Good luck.

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    If you change the fluid now, you may get lucky and the slipping will temporarily stop. What Fields is saying, and they're not incorrect, is that if you change the fluid you may dislogde crap in the trans and it will fail immediately.

    You could try a snake oil such as Lucas Transmission Stabilizer (I think that's what it's called).

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    Hi Joe in Orlando,

    first thing to do is change the filter and fluid that comes out during that change.

    DO NOT have it flushed, this will, according to polls and such give you a 50% chance of completely ruining the trans, not a good bet to me.

    Get the filter and gasket from the dealer or (call them to order) a off brand filter will have issues with the "O" rings and leak giving low pressure and even more problems.

    you have slip already, any more driving and it will perminently FAIL! the first time you felt it slip when cold was the telltale sign of a clogged filter, should have stopped right there. **** happens so now hopefully a filter change will bring her back to life.

    Read up on the filling procedure with a search, I typed it many many times and am too tired to keep repeating the procedure.

    A trans shop is NOT the best place to have this done either, they want your big bucks not to save you money. DO NOT have it rebuilt by the local trans shop, it wont work about +50% the time. If you need a trans your better off getting a used one or contact Kirt Kohller (sp? too lazy).

    anything else just ask.
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