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Thread: Think I need a new clutch.

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    Default Think I need a new clutch.

    Well I've never felt a slipping clutch but the symptoms are too obvious to ignore. I had to take the car for a longer drive on Saturday and went to push it a little in 3rd and noticed the rpms shooting up without kicking me in the back of my seat like it should. Same thing happened while cruising on the highway in 6th gear. I wanted to make pass so I floored it(surprisingly the car does move in 6th), but this time the rpms started shooting up without the car accelerating much. After this I noticed a faint burning smell coming into the car(although it may just have been Jersey).

    So if I need a new clutch, how much does this job generally cost? I'd be tempted to try it myself, but I'm not sure I have the space to do it. Not to mention I'd need to recruit my friend to help me with yet another job.

    Will I do the car any damage if I drive it short distances gently?

    thanks guys.
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    It'd be well worth checking the master and slave cylinders, fluid and adjustment first...

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    If you drive it like it is it wont hurt anything but the clutch, you'll quickly work out how easy to drive it to avoid the slipping.
    But dont avoid the job for too long :P
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    You won't damage the car with a slipping clutch.

    I was going to say remove the drive train to do it. After my experience I say remove the gear box only if you can. There is too much work. But for sure the exhaust comes down and the propeller shaft come down.

    The only thing to watch out is the flywheel is bolted on with nine t55 torx bolts. ( I think they T55's. I did only a couple weeks ago.) The torx bolts are integral with the flywheel, meaning the bolt won't come out when you loosen them. Get sharp torx bits and DO NOT put thread locker on the bolts. In fact, BMW specifically calls for oiling the bolts before attaching. The reason is unlike the 525 where the holes on the engine rear flange penetrate the flange. If you don't thread lock them the oil in the crank case will seep out through the threads creating a leak. On the 540, and I think 530, the holes on the flange are dead ended. So no oil will come out throught the threads.
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    I have driven my car with a slipping clutch since i bought it, Not a problem at all, until the day it wont move at all..
    If i revv it up in 1st and let go of the clutch i will still burn som rubber, but if i Do it it second gear, all I get is a smell of burnt clutch.

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