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Thread: 1995 E34 525i Air Conditioner

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    Default 1995 E34 525i Air Conditioner

    Hello to all

    I have a small issue I have not been able to resolve with my AC here in Miami.

    When I start the car in the morning the AC is a freezer and keeps very cold
    till I stop the car and let it sit for a few hours till noon time.
    When I start it up at lunch to go have lunch it just blows hot air but I hear and feel the compressor cycling on/off my lunch trip is just 1 mile each way
    not enough driving but if I choose to drive it farther after about 5 min
    it suddenly starts getting very cold.
    If I go out in the evening I can start and stop it with no issues.

    I have a set of guages I connected them (around 10am 95 deg outside)
    and ran a fan in front of the car the low kept around 40 to 45 but the high
    scared the hell out of me I used to work on Ac's back in the late 60's and 70's
    with R12 this is R134 I had never seen a high climb up to 350 + (95 * 2.5 = 237 lbs) not 350 + but the best part about it was the car was very cold inside.

    any of you out there who deals daily with R134 and cars what could my problem be, the only thought I have had is an over charged system
    and my tell tail was chattering from the compressor.

    any suggestions wil be checked out I would like to fix this issue.

    By the way where and how hard is it to get to the vent door that opens and closes out side air ?


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    I use this chart all the time:

    Generically speaking, 350+psi on the high side is probably too high, even if condensor temps are high.

    You could start by trying to remove some refridgerant, but you might have a different problem if the low side pressures are in check. I'm not well-enough versed in A/C to know what that would be, though....maybe something with the expansion valve? Or a blockage in the orifice tube?

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    Oh, the outside/recirc flaps are on the side of the blower motor housing, behind the false firewall. You access it from the engine compartment, not too bad to get to.

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