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Thread: Seat Twist Fix Gone Wrong!

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    Default Seat Twist Fix Gone Wrong!

    Hey all,

    So the passenger side seat on my 525iA was twisting when adjusting the seat height. The instructions across the board were excellent, and before long we had fixed the issue - or so I thought.

    My wife tried out the passenger seat and we heard a CRUNCH...then the seat bottom began twisting again. When we pulled out the seat and pulled out the left side cable from the front motor, the inner cable was completeley frayed and chewed up.

    So, now I need a new power seat height adjuster cable. It appears the part number is 52101964170, but I can't find it at Bavarian Auto or BMA. I'll probably try the dealer, wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas, or a power seat they were parting out or had a spare cable available.


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    call BMAparts.com they dont have much listed on their site thats available.
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    Default yeah, you can replace the entire cable....

    ...fairly inexpensive as compared to the hassles of a twisted seat. think I paid like US$12 at a dealer in honolulu for a cable... only thing is now you got to access both ends of the cable vice just one for the melt/cut/remelt solution. no worries, if I can do if you can to!
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    pelicanparts.com also has the cable listed on their site ($8.70).

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