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Thread: 540 v8 over heating

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    Default 540 v8 over heating

    help please, just had head gaskets changed on v8, and now its overheating again. is there a special way to bleed v8 rads to purge all the air, cant find bleed nipple on rad,thanks

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    these are self bleeding, I remember you (or someone) posting and I said that it's not normal for the V8s to get bad headgaskets.

    make sure the pisser hose from the rad to the fill tank is clear, thats all their is too it.

    what exactly are the symptoms besides "it overheats"?
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    Default i second the small hose from the top of the rad to the res. tank!!!

    mine was blocked.
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    What caused the head gasket to blow in the first place?

    perhaps whatever caused the engine to overheat and blow the gasket was not fixed with the new gasket.

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    Get a mechanic with a CO coolant detector... if CO is present, head gasket is blown.

    it is self burping. If you squeeze the upper radiator hose, it should be full of fluid. If not, you might have a bad thermostat.

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