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Thread: heating problems! Please help!!!!

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    Default heating problems! Please help!!!!

    My english is bad!!

    Well, I have 524 td (automatic, full) '93. My problem is overheating but not allways, In the city driving everything is fine, on highway road also is OK, but when I start to climb to the mountain, my temperature start to climb too!
    I have change " VISKO" and the "thermostat" and one guit has been closed and i fix it, but I didn't determine problem.

    Please help!!!

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    Check your radiator cap to be sure it is holding pressure, and flush and re-fill your coolant to be sure it is mixed correctly. Also, check the radiator for debris. I had a turbo diesel jeep that would do exactly the same thing you are describing until I took the radiator out and sprayed out the dust, dirt and bugs. There was a small pile of debris that about the size of the morning newspaper!

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    thans, I will try to wash may radiator. And I send you results

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    You shouldn't drive it if it is overheating though. Excess heat will cause the pistons to expand and ruin the metal sleeves that separate the piston from the engine wall. If these are destroyed you will pretty much need a new engine. you said you have got a brand new thermostat so you might have one of these problems. Coolant either needs to have the air bled out of it or There was a leak somewhere and some idiot put stop leak in it instead of replacing the radiator and now the line is clogged.

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