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    Hi I own a 1991 BMW e34 525i se auto RH drive. Just recently the interior electrics have started playing up. When the car has been driven for a few miles the electric windows, interior lights, alarm, c/locking, windscreen washer all stop working even though the dashboard lights/instruments, and engine, exterior lights are unaffected. When the car has cooled down it all starts working again? does anyone know which relay or master fuse (perphaps a crack) controls all this lot?



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    id check out the connections by the battery, if your battery is under the hood the fusable link is on the wire that's held to the + cable with a 10mm, it's usually under a plastic cover on the strut tower, if the battery is under the seat the link is back there
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    i'll have a look, I was to busy looking at fuse boxe to realise there was a fuse near the battery.


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