Searching just isn't working for me... don't know if its heat stroke or what... "What Will Break" List

I have a 1990 BMW 535i 5-speed, 272k miles, currently undergoing extensive engine rebuild in prep for turbo build. What are some of the things I should look for?

1. Cam oil spray bar applies to me? Is it possible to order the wrong bolts or does BMW not make them anymore?
2. What relays should I be replacing? Fuel Pump, DME and LKM is what I'm guessing.
3. Should I be concerned about replacing the fuel pump? My turbo kit I think came with a bigger one that will replace the current one anyway... I'll check with TCD on that one.
4. My glove box is kinda catching on something when I try to open it... is the "latch" he talks about on the glove box or up in the dash?
5. Suspension is fresh and I don't get any noise or play from the wheel bearings, even after 272k miles... I think I can hold off on those as they have probably been replaced already.

Any other input... I'm mostly concerned about the electric system. There is a clicking coming from the steering column and I think it has to do with that steering nut thing, but I'm not sure. May have the dealership handle that one actually... I already have a new brake light switch... should I be concerned about the clutch switch one? There is also something up with the wire that connects to the rear driver's side turn signal. My guess is it is corroded or something... I'll check.