So I was driving the 1991 535i/m in some very hot weather the other day. With the AC on, the idle speed started jumping up and down by 200-600RPM or so. Sweet. The next day, on acceleration onto the freeway, someone hit the off switch. Idiot lights lit, motor died instantly, pulled off the road and got AAA-ed home, which was luckily like 5 miles.

There was no stutter, no stumble, no cough. Just a motor that did 3500RPM to 0RPM inside of a blink of an eye.

The CEL throws a clear "1444;" starter cranks healthy and motor turns over just fine, just no starting or running.

I just moved and my Bentley's buried someplace. This could be so many things. Any ideas? TPS? ICV? Both? I've had no electrical issues up til now. Fuses are fine. Battery's new and seems to be powering everything.