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Thread: HELP... my BMW has the "can't help its!"!

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    Default HELP... my BMW has the "can't help its!"!

    Hi. I've never posted on here before but have gained a wealth of knowledge from everyone over the past couple of years. But, now I'm having several problems with my car and I would love some input. Below are the problems with my car.

    1. Engine Miss: The miss is inconsistant but happens most everytime I drive it. Some backfire. Doesn't get hot nor does a check engine warning come on. I've run some fuel system cleaner through it without great results. I replaced the fuel filter when this first started. The O2 sensor was replaced less than 2 years ago. Sprarkplugs were changed in April. The gas mileage doesn't seem to be suffering.

    2. A/C Blower Intermittent: This problem started last week. Turned on my car and noticed that there wasn't any air. I checked the fuses and #19 was melted. I changed it out and the fan worked again. The next day it stopped again. I rechecked the fuses and they were fine. On the way home I hit a bump and the fan came on. Started the car the next day and nothing from the fan again. Etc... When I hold my hands close to the vents you can feel some cold air but there isn't any response from the blower at any speed. About 2 years ago I changed the resistor because the fan would only work on the 4 setting. I don't notice any alarming sounds from the fan except for an occasional humming sound since this started last week.

    3. Both the driver and passenger mirrors will not adjust from the power knobs: The fuse is blowing everytime I replace it.

    4. Front end noise and shimmy: Everytime I go over a bump there is a clanking noise. Occasionally when I apply my brakes I hear the same noise. Most everytime I apply the brakes there is a vibration in the front end with the noise. The vibration doesn't feel like the vibration you get with bad brakes and pads. Sometimes when I hit a bump there is some vibration in my steering wheel and tires like it's going from side to side. I put new shocks and struts on it last year hoping that it would fix it but it didn't. The brakes were done in December along with new tires.

    I have dealt with a periodic battery drain and my speedo sensor going bad. I have been very fortunate that I haven't had to spend a whole lot on my car. But, it seems that all of these things are cropping up and I can't afford to put much more money into right now. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.



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    1. Not sure about this one. Have you changed your plugs and wires recently?

    2. If you the switch is not the problem then you may need a new blower motor, or at least new brushes in the motor.

    3. You may have a broken/loose wire on the mirror adjustment motor harness that is grounding out and blowing the fuse.

    4. You probably need new swaybar links; that should fix the clinking noise. The vibrations/shimmy should be fixed by installing new thrust and control arms and bushings.
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    1. Post one thing at a time, with time between or you wont get good results...
    2. Ditto
    3. Ditto
    4. Ditto
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    your blower motor is probably seizing up and blowing the fuse.

    The front end could be sway bar links or thrust arm bushings, since you hear when hitting the breaks, I would lean toward thrust arm bushings and possibly sway bar links as well.

    What else is on the fuse with the power mirrors? lots of stuff that could cause this, it and the performance issue could do well with their own thread.

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    your engine has coil on plug and is suseptible to single coil failure, causing bad engine performance. check the resistance values of the ignition coils, and if you find one or two that is the "odd one out", that is probably what is causing the problem. there are also boots that go from the coil to the plug, if you havent replaced them in like, 3 years, they probably need to be.
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    Dan, thanks for taking the time to reply. Plugs were changed in April but not wires. After reading what everyone has posted about the blower motor... I think mine is shot too. And it also seems like the swaybar links are the best place to start. Thanks again!

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    I need to check out the mirror fuse to see what else is on it. Thing is that I'm not sure if anything else is... I'm kinda leaning towards saying there isn't anything else. How could I check that out to be sure? I did take the fuse out and everything else seems to be working. Thanks so much for your help.

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    Hmmm, I know that everything you are saying makes sense but I'm not that advanced! About the boots... I doubt they have ever been replaced because I know I haven't and I have had the car for almost 10yrs. I really appreciate your help. Thanks!!!

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