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Thread: Problems with radio codes?

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    Default Problems with radio codes?

    hi im new here. i just bought a 1994 525i and it still has the original stereo. I wanted to replace it with something newer with an mp3 cd player but was told not to due to the radio code in the stereo. Apparently it would screw up the electronics and things would start going wrong. Is this true by any chance? or would it be safe to remove the original stereo.

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    i am no expert but you can definetly can change the stereo.The stereo system in our cars IS different to most other cars though
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    It would be good if you complete your profile in your avartar, so that we can see the year of production, the engine type, if it is a manual or auto trans, and also from which country you are. because that is also important in this case. US models have a code in their audio system, my car in Japanese specification does not have one.

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    The radio antitheft aplies only to the radio on the e34. No radio, no antitheft. The newer models used a Kbus and could cause troubles if handled incompetantly.

    You can replace the stock radio with no worries about any code issues. The problem comes up with wiring up the speakers. do a search on this board about wiring up a new head unit with the old amp.

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