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    Default Transmission OverHaul Advice


    So for the past few months, my 1995 525i 152k has gone into "Trans Prog" a few times....always when cruising on the highway and then going up a hill on the highway and trying to maintain speeds (say above 55mph).

    I have changed the Throttle Position Sensor and the Tranny solenoids. All relays have been checked and are said to clean and working fine.

    My mechanic and tranny guy (trusted family friend) was finally able to get the code (b/c the codes cleared after the car turned off) which was just that the transmission did not shift correctly.

    His diagnosis: There's another "clutch like" device (torque converter clutch?)in the Torque converter that is probably not letting go or engaging when it's supposed to.

    Any thoughts? He said he could do the rebuild for $2000. The car is in great shape and I'd hate to get rid of it.

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    Default Is that a complete transmission overhaul for $2k?

    I just paid $2200 for mine and what a difference! Now I need my suspension worked on to counterbalance the new acceleration.


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    Default far as I know.

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    I paid 2200 also. Its not the same as before, but it works.
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