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Thread: Looking for rear ashtray plastic lever

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    Default Looking for rear ashtray plastic lever

    Does anyone have an old rear door panel laying around, or perhaps just the plastic insert piece. Or better yet, just the tiny plastic arm that controls the ashtray?

    I need the little, ~1", plastic arm the controls the rear ashtray's opening and closing. It pivots on one end, and the other end slides through the channel on the side of the ashtray.

    I broke the piece in a total caveman moment, 'shrug', and now the ashtray will not stay shut. I tried gluing to no avail.

    This is for a 93 525.


    /Randy S

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    Default Randy, find 2 of them Im in the market too!

    Passanger caveman moment, just discovered it wednesday when I went replacing the window track sliders...along with t big burn holes in the floormat...
    95 E34 530I V2.34
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