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Thread: "Check Engine" rough idle after engine Shampoo??

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    Default "Check Engine" rough idle after engine Shampoo??

    Ok, This is it, never again am I going to FUkn' do an engine shampoo, done it three times in my life...yes I cover the Alternator, but I have done it on various cars and buggered, sensors, switches, have lights turn off and
    So anyway, did the E34 so I could find an oil leak....found that, but now the car, only sometimes at idle will stumble/sputter like the car is about to stall, in fact once even backfired when I revved it. The check engine light comes off and on, when cruising it comes on, if I tromp it, the light comes off. Not much rhyme or reason however...
    What should I start looking for?

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    Default Trapped Water

    In a terminal/plug somewhere.

    Try a stomp test. it may help narrow which plug/terminal to dry out.

    Or wait it out, and hopefully it will dry out on it's own.

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    I vote for water in between the Crank Position Sensor/Flywheel Sensor for Ignition and Injection

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    Not for a 535 but on my M50 I had water trapped in the plug channel after a engine wash. the ignitor helped to seal the water in.. It never got dry until I pulled all the ignitors out to dry off the plug channel with compress air and rags..
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