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    Hi there,

    Can someone please tell if the floor pan for e34 and e32 (7 series) are the
    same. what I asking is that will 1990 BMW E32 7 series interior fit straight
    into a 1990 BMW E34 without all the messing around.


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    Friend has an E32 730, having seen it parked next to mine I would suggest it's unlikely to fit. Even without resorting to a tape measure or looking at the subframes the E32 is wider and longer and the seats (front and back are physically bigger. IMHO it's a non starter.....

    Let me know if you follow this through though - the buffalo leather in the E32 is much nicer than the cracked black stuff in my E34

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    Thanks for that info. Confirms my actual thoughts. Yes the E32 leather are much nicer and the one I was thinking of buying was red/ox blood colour which I think is a beautiful colour of leather in a black car.

    Thanks again

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    I havent noticed any deficiencys in the e34 leather. Perhaps you neeed to clean/condition your leather, or look for a new e34 interior.
    Lowered with blue h&r(?) springs, Bilsteins, tint, 19# design 3 injectors, Dual Magnaflow
    southwest WA

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