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Thread: Location finds

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    Default Location finds

    Please can someone tell me the following MODULE
    1. Alarm only module for 89-90 E34.(not under rear seat)

    2. SRS module

    Have checked the Bentley and E34 sites,to no avail.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Just thought I would give you a bump so someone who knows something can answer your questions. However, I suspect your post is getting the "ignore" treatment because you don't have your information filled out.

    No profile = no help

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    Nice mind stretch here, I cant't remember for sure but here is what is bobbling about in my defective memory,

    Alarm module is bolted to the seat support under the back seat,and is under something (flap of carpet or metal bracket?). its not very big, and has 2(?) connectors. I seem to remember hunting for this part and it was almost staring me in the face.

    SRS module is under right side front seat? Each airbag is also called a module BTW and has its own tiny brain.

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