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Thread: 1994 E34 520i Tourer - Steering Issue And Wheels

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    Default 1994 E34 520i Tourer - Steering Issue And Wheels

    Hi all....just purchased a 1994 520i SE Tourer....black with black leather, I really like it!

    Its got 102k with 12 months mot. I bought it, unseen, (!), from ebay....It seems like a great car, I've only had it a few days but have already put 200+ miles on it....

    Anyway, there is one problem...

    Steering shudder/knocking. Especially around 50-60mph...its actually quite scary, its like an invisable hand is grabbing the steering wheel from you and pulling it about! There is also an audiable knocking from the steering wheel area....the steering, aside from that, seems ok...?

    So, any ideas or common faults I should try looking for?

    Also, I fancy upgrading the alloys (once steering is fixed!) and wondered what the usual size offset should be...I want to run 18x8 with maybe a 225/45 tyre...what offset should I aim for?



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    Sounds like the thrust arm bushings are shot - a typical problem for e34's. Most people replace the arms and use 750i bushings in place of the e34 bushings. They're beefier and should last longer. BMA sells Lemforder arms with the 750i bushings already pressed in. Instructions to do it yourself are here http://www.bmwe34.net/E34main/Maintenance/Suspension/Upper_arm.htm.

    Good luck.


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    Only things to add are:

    A) Buy a Bentley manual, and
    B) Do a forum search for f/e shake or shudder. You'll find plenty of info on this covering this common problem, and
    C) Check the steering nut adjustment (do a search for that as well)

    Good luck with your car, enjoy, have fun and tell us how it goes.

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