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Thread: 1995 530i trans program

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    Default 1995 530i trans program

    I have a 1995 BMW 530i. I hit the gas one day and the engine revved up to 5,000 or 6,000 rpm and then the tranny (after slipping) kicked in. Trans program was displayed and the car seemed stuck in third gear. When I turn the car off all is fine until the car hits 3rd/4th gear. That was it, it displayed "trans program" and stuck in 3rd/4th. If I put it in manual mode, then I can ride the first couple of gears, but if I put it in 3rd/4th, thats it.

    Update:After a month of manual, I tried auto again, it runs great up until the 4th/5th gear and then sticks and displays trans program.

    I know that the tranny is not shot! I know something about cars. I have overhauled many a motor. Auto-Transmissions aren't my thing. Right now I believe the need to overhaul the valvebody but can't find the kit to do so.
    Any advice?

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    "Kirt Koeller" <transroom@asumi.org>

    He's the man to talk to and you can get the valve body from him.
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    Kirt Koeller
    (800)624-3876 ext 5735
    or direct at (616)748-5735
    95 E34 530I V2.37
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