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    Greetings, I have a 93’318i with about 165,000m. I am not sure how many miles are on it because none of my gauges are working but they do jump from time to time. The local dealer diagnosed the problem as a bad cluster and could fix it for $800. I suggested I get a used one and the dealer didn’t think much of THAT idea.

    I got a cluster off Ebay for $50, had an Import Car service place install it and it does the exact same thing as the cluster removed. This suggests to me that it is not the cluster unless the cluster off Ebay has the same problem. But the place that installed it did check out the system upstream from the cluster.

    Has anyone experienced similar gauge failures?

    What does it mean to “Re-code the instrument cluster?”



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    I had a similar case some time ago on my E32 750. Reason was that a wire from the engine management was lose from below in the main engine harness.

    On the E32 cluster there is a EPROM on the back of the cluster with all relevant cara data such as chassis number, fuel tank size and so on. Did the shop change the EPROM from the old cluster into the new one (if your cluster has also the EPROM installed there)?

    Recode the instrument cluster? : I belive that they want to recode into a new EPROM the car related data such as actual mileage, chassis number and so on. Usually when you buy a new cluster they code also a new EPROM with the actual data.
    If you can read wiring diagrams, maybe you check out on this online wiring diagram info from my website

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