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Thread: Selector Shaft Seal

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    Default Selector Shaft Seal

    Does anyone know where to order one online? Bavarian Autosport doesnt carry it and BMA is out of stock.
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    bma says they are out of stock on the website? but have you called them, apparently they are "out of stock" for badges, yet i am getting them shipping over this week, funny definition of "out of stock" don't you think? never trust computers
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    Order it from your dealer, it's only about $10....seriously, the BMW seals are different than the aftermarket ones. I'm not knocking the aftermarket ones, but how long did the original seal last? Certain parts are sometimes better off coming from the dealer. Depending on your location, you should be able to order online from just about any of the larger BMW dealers.

    The shifter shaft seal is a booger to get access. Even with the exhaust and the driveshaft dropped, it's tight. Make sure you get it installed correctly or you will bend the fragile outside ring. A lot of people usually buy two of them because of this reason.

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    This is an important subject to touch on -- from every source I've come across, you want to ONLY buy the seals from the dealer. The ones sourced from worldpac/ssf/DFA, therefore BMA/Bavarian/Whatever will *leak*, even if they're branded OEM kakko or whatever. Seems to affect the getrag 5 speeds the most, but still -- get it from the dealer.

    best, whit

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