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Thread: OBC fitting help required

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    Default OBC fitting help required

    Im new here so hello to all!! Im trying to fit an OBC to my 1996 518se and im having problems.. I have managed to get it to work but it displays PPPP on the screen. Do i need to add a coding plug or something to it?

    Any help would be appreciated



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    Default Obc

    Yes, the OBC will need a coding plug. It will need to be fitted inside the OBC, and soldered to the board, unless there is a small available plug alongside the main cable socket for it.

    You will need first to remove the case on the coding plug to remove the PCB with its EEPROM and fit this inside the OBC.

    You'll need the chassis nos, when ordering it from the stealer...

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    Thats great thanks HC, Do you know which wires require soldering as i seem to have eight on the back of my OBC but in the guide it says 6..

    thanks for your help


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    Installed a OBC on my -93 520iAT se tread:

    You should have about 22 wires to make it work with the additional modifiations of installing a PCB for your car and mod on wire 17 on input.

    If it's only 6 to 8 wires in the connector, you got a challange thats described on

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    Done a little more research and went to buy a coding plug from BMW but they didnt have clue what i was on about.. Does anyone have a part numer?

    Help would be appreciated



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    Great Read Tibbe, got the part numbe now chaps thanks

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