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Thread: Driver's side door stuck closed... Help!

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    Default Driver's side door stuck closed... Help!

    I have a '92 325i with a stuck driver's side door. The power lock goes up and down when you pull the lock up or push it down. It also works with the key. But when I pull the door handle from either the inside or outside the door will not open. I pulled the inside panel off the door and looked inside, and it seems that all the linkages are connected. The Bentley manual doesn't give any info about the problem. Any suggestions? I've searched several boards and can't seem to find any info.
    I have removed the door handle from the outside. I can actuate the internal door lever on the lock actuator/door latch mechanism. It seems to be broken inside since it will not release the door. How do I replace it when I can't get to the screws to remove the old one since the door is stuck closed?
    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
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    I can't specifically help you, sorry. I do know through years of owning one of these, and several discussions with my favorite SA at the dealer, that the door hardware on the E30 is a known weak spot. Usually it's the cams and levers on the end of the lock cylinder that cause the problem. They loosen and wear. Sometimes they can be tightened, but for the best results, they should be replaced, including the lock cylinder in the worst case. safe to say, your problem isn't unusual. I had the dealer deal with the problem in my 325 and to the best of my recollection it wasn't ridiculously expensive. Under $150 IIRC.

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    Default Finally got it open!

    A prybar, removing any interior parts I could get out of the door, and a flexible shaft rotary tool, along with lots of swearing and skinned knuckles and about a weeks worth of evenings and weekends working on it was all that was required to get the door open. The dealer quoted me $131.00 labor to start. I spent about $130 for the new lock at the dealer (they had it in stock). Now the power lock actuator is acting up. Will have to troubleshoot that now...

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