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Thread: blower resistor replacement ...

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    Default blower resistor replacement ...

    OK ... so I have a replacement and located the resistor to the left of the center console. But how in hell do I get the original one out??????? Where it is you need certainly less than my 6'-2 frame to get to it. Then it's held in place by typical BMW plastic restrainers. To top it off the black under dash cover has some kind of shield in front of the resistor.

    Is is
    a) just a real pain,
    b) am I an idiot or
    c) is there a special removal tool.

    ANY answer and help on how to remove it will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks ....

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    go to

    Look in the middle of the page, I am six foot two and I was able to do this with a Phillips screwdriver and a bit of contortionism. The resistor is not always easy to pull out, you have to squeeze the clips on the sides and pull out, then plug the new resister into the harness and replace in the opening.


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    The sword and its replacement is completely different than the later resistor pack.

    If my memory serves, you need a stubby screwdriver. 3x standard phillips hold it in. They may be different fasteners/I've done a lot more e36 resistor packs, which had/have a 100% failure rate from the factory, than I have e34.

    It takes a bit of contortion to get it out; still easier than some things. You may want to remove the knee bolster (find Bill R's dash cluster removal procedure) to get better access to remove the lower vent duct.

    best, whit

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    Thanks guys ... I got it out. Biggest problem was that the under dash cover has this little plastic shield right in front of the resistor. I think It's meant to give the carpeted side cover support. I finally just broke it off since I didn't want to get into the deal of removing the under dash cover which has a lot of vents and opening going through it.

    Once I broke the offending piece off it was fairly easy. Most of all, my blower works again in all positions.

    Thanks again ...
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