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Thread: 525 aluminium thermostat housing

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    Default 525 aluminium thermostat housing

    Aluminum Thermostat Housing: New
    Most E36 3 Series and E34 5 Series cars equipped with M50 motors have plastic thermostat housings. Over time, the constant heating and cooling can cause the plastic housings to weaken and break. Don't get stranded! Replace your plastic housing with our quality aluminum piece. E36 1998-99 323is, 1992-95 325i, 1992-95 325is, 1996-98 328i, 1996-99 328is, 1995-99 M3, 1994-95 325i Conv., 1998-99 323i Conv., 1996-99 328i Conv., 1998-1999 M3 Conv.
    E34 1991-95 525i, 1992-95 525it

    Hmmh, I hope one day they will make an integrated alu radiator with electric fan too.

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    Default Great advice!

    My Indy did this last year when I rreplaced the water pump, belts and pulleys.

    I also wish there was a better radiator. I put a new behr in about 45,000 miles ago because the plastic neck broke. I have heard that should plan on replacing the radiator AGAIN at 60,000 as preventative mantaintence!

    1995 525i Auto, M50TU 2.5L, EAT chip, 1/95 build, USA, 205/65/15 tires, ASC+T, HID, lumbar, EC Mirror, BMW Alpine 5 radio with BMW-Pioneer CD Changer, abt 236k miles, Oxford Green/Parchment

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