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Thread: It appears I need a new front window motor and regulator

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    Default It appears I need a new front window motor and regulator

    Anyone have any suggestions on where I should buy one from? New or Used? Price?

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    try rigmaster on this forum. you can prob get the motor from the glass+regulator assembly i bought..

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    I have an extra used front passenger side. I bought one on eBay but the guy sent me by mistake two pieces. I asked him if he wanted one of them back and he said it wasn't worth the shipping cost.

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    You probably just need the regulator, it's notoriously shitty and I've replaced a bunch of them.

    I'd be wary of used unless it's confirmed good by someone who knows what they're selling.

    Bret Luter (Rigmaster) is a great source. I buy a lot of stuff from Ian Sherman over at NEO BMW Breakers a lot these days -- http://www.neobmwbreakers.com. Ian sells a lot of his stuff on eBay -- bmrparts29

    best, whit

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