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Thread: Body/Paint Repair - west GTA area

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    Default Body/Paint Repair - west GTA area

    Hoping somebody knows a place to get some repair work done in Mississauga or Georgetown or somewhere inbetween.

    Neighbour backed into front fender while parked in the street ??? Paint is pretty faded so I thought I would just paint the whole car while it is in the shop.

    thanks for any help,

    Dave, 91 M5

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    Budd's collision in Oakville does good body work.
    They are rather pricey, but you get what you pay for.

    I'd be insterested to know if you find another good (cheaper) paint place.
    I'd like to get mine done in the spring.

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    Prices for body and paint work vary greatly, and so do the results.

    Here is a high end place that I recommend, if it's in the budget:

    Gibson Vander


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