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Thread: OEM basket weave rim 97 528i E39 to a 92 525I E34

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    Default OEM basket weave rim 97 528i E39 to a 92 525I E34

    I have a 92 525I E34 and recently put a basket weave rim from a 97 528i E39 with a 225 60-15 tires. It look good but the problem between 45 to 55 MPH the front car starts to wiggle and shake but it is perfect at around 60 MPH and beyond. Tried checking the wheel balance and rebalance again but same result rotated rims and balance same result.

    I need answers and solutions if they are slight difference in offset sizes is there a way I can still use this rims on a E34. Is the hubcentric converter rings(7.25 mm diameter) the solution if it is anyone know where to buy them here in LA/CA or a site that I can go I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank You All!


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    I think you answered your own question. As you probably know by now, these cars are very sensitive to wheel/tire balance. It sounds like you know that the E39 wheels do not have the correct hub size for the E34 hub, so you need to find a hubcentric ring. Try one of the big tire/wheel places- Discount tire, etc- or I've heard that Tire Rack sells them too- I just don't have the details on that one.

    I would suspect that the ring will help, if not cure, your problem. Let us know.


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    Hubcentric rings are most definitely your problem if you don't have them already. Part number A670 at Tirerack.

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