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Thread: Bee emms in Sydney Australia

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    Default Bee emms in Sydney Australia

    Bee emms only service BMW and have been in the game longer than a lot of main dealers. The principle is an active club member and a nice bloke to boot. HIGHLY recommended.

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    You're not wrong about Rob, he is as honest as ... I've had all my BMWs serviced by Bee Ems over the last 15 years and only ever had one problem which I mentioned to Rob and was fixed straight away.

    When searching for our E30, we took 4 cars for them to check out, which they charge $95ea to do (about 1 hour to complete on hoist and road) and they only charged us for the one car.

    I know a couple of other E34 owners take their cars there also.

    , Greg

    BTW. Wingman, that's a long way for you to go to have your car serviced.
    E30 318iS & BMW K1200LT

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