I would like to start a thread with a list of repair shops in Japan for the owners of BMW's in Japan, especially also foreigners living here and which have trouble with the language are not able to find suitable shops.

One of the best BMW shops in Tokyo is BMW Tokyo, Takanawa Branch. Near to Shinagawa station. I always go there. They are one of the biggest shops of BMW and a training center for young service staff. They get in all kinds of BMW's from the small 1 series to many 7 series cars of any age, like my almost 18 years old E32. The people are trained there before they are shifted to other BMW shops around the country. They have BMW Munich/Germany trained Meisters.
Unfortunately the shop is too busy and one has to wait sometimes a week to get the car repaired.

Transmission rebuilt:
Found a nice shop in Chiba, they have 2 foreign staff (owners?) which speak English, I assume they are the owners. Much cheaper than BMW, fixed prices for reman transmissions and core fees.
If you want a job there, also possible:
"Those who have experience working on automobile,
capable of reading English. Come over and visit us.
We would like to hear from you.
Contact Ron or Daniel at:
info@kjs-at.com "

BMW overhaul prices by model for the trans

Poleposition in Yokohama, new and used parts and cars, specialized on BMW, also older models
Electronic parts such as LED's online
Online tools shop,
Very cheap!. I bought a 2 ton crane, 4 ramps, hydraulic car jacks etc.
E32 Club Japan, with helpful links and members sell/wanted corner
Another one for automatic transmissions
Import Car Automatic Transmission
electric stuff, wires, connectors, plugs etc

And this one is a very good one for all hydraulic pressure hoses. they remanufacture any connection which you bring to them as a sample. They are in the business for industrial machinery service, where a lot of hydraulic equipment is used. Do not buy the expensive hydraulic pressure hoses from BMW, get them done here.

If you want to read the japanese sites with a translation tool, use this

That is all for today. Please feel free to add any good address or hint where what to get.