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Thread: High Performance Ignition coils.

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    Default High Performance Ignition coils.

    Hello All,

    I'm looking to replace all of my ignition coils as an inspection of them showed the beginnings of much candy.
    Here's my question...
    Bavauto has their set of high-performance coils (with new plug boots) running for $275. That means that this set would cost my roughly $20 more than replacing with bremi coils (i already have one in their).

    Are high-performance coils worth it or are they automotive snake-oil?

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    the stock bremi coils are quite good. I wouldnt even dream of using something else.
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    If the Bav-Auto coils were cheaper, I'd say go for it, but I believe this has been discussed before an everyone agreeded they were snake oil.

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    Unless its Plasma coils which is a different cattle-of-fish altogether!. I believe Jim or ApexCone had Plasma Coils in his M3 turbo. I would think a standard E34 would not benefit from Plasma coils in any way. Stock is already very well engineered and they lasts and lasts!.

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