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Thread: Brake lining sensor/how to isolate?

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    Default Brake lining sensor/how to isolate?

    Hello all;

    Ok I did a search - nothing popped up.

    This is for a 95 525 regarding the brake lining sensor. On this car the front one is on the drivers side only. I don't need it. I would like to confirm how this thing works: 2 wires forming one complete circut with no particluar polarity. Tie these two wires together and the computer thinks the sensor is operating correcting and the sensor at the pad is in supervisory mode. Correct?

    Just checking that making a loop out of these 2 wires will not bugger anything up in the computer? Resistance, if any at the pad sensor is not a factor I assume in making a loop of the 2 wires to fool the computer?

    Many thanks.

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    Default Correct

    It is just a loop (closed circuit) that gets broken when the lining wears down and the sensor rubs the rotor to the point of breaking the wire.

    Just keep in mind if you do go ahead and short the system. BMW pads don't usually have squeal tabs to warn against wearing them down the metal.

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    It is a safety measure and for your own safety I would keep them. They only cost a few $.
    And if you have no warning, you will also damage your disks with worn pads.
    That will be costlier to replace.

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    Ok guys thank you. No chance of having a safety problem as pads on this car are pretty well thrown out at 50%. Vehicle is a summer car only for wife and it might go 6000 miles per year. Pads are brand new Padig. Sensor not readily available in my area. I don't have anything to order so I won't pay shipping just for this thing. I'd rather isolate it now than remove the pads all over again in a week. Hope that explains my thinking on isloating the sensor.

    Very much appreciate the responses. Great site btw. AC condensor fan just died and I thought it looked nasty. I found the discussion in the archives and got a heads up on removal. Great.

    BTW, this 95 525 is a 5 speed. It's a fantastic car so I am keeping it away from the winter. It's a lifer. I has about 110K on it. Synthetic 5-50 and Redline in the tranny.

    Few months ago I put a clutch in. Could have gone much longer but the dual mass flywheel had me concerned and the wife is well ... she tries hard to use it properly. I will gladly kill the dude who designed how the starter is held in (bolt on rear of torque bolt/ top fastener). Completely stupid.
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    ummmm, you can replace this sensor by removing the wheel, no need to remove the pads again.
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