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Thread: Use of spring compressor when reinstalling rear strut

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    Default Use of spring compressor when reinstalling rear strut

    Alright, hopefully this will be the last of many questions about re-building my rear struts... I'm looking forward to wrapping this up!

    I've got my rear strut rebuilt with new (to me) springs. If I place the strut up in the wheel well, the assembly reaches lower than the trailing arm. This would indicate that I need to use the spring compressor to shorten the assembly to line up with the trailing arm and install the 22mm bolt. Is this the case? If so, it does not appear that I can get both compressors up in there and have them evenly spaced. Do I need to worry about the springs bending out of shape?

    Thanks again for any help,


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    Norman, it sounds like the jackstand placement is keeping the trailing arm up in the air. The trailing arm is supposed to hang lower than the strut assembly/bottom bolt. Alternatively, something's messed up with the strut. Hard to say without seeing pictures. No spring compression should be necessary.

    best, whit

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    Norm, those springs came off my car with them as a whole strut assembly so they should go back on yours the same way.

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    Jeez - I hate to disagree with Whit and all... but I've had the same problem and the jackstands were under the frame / subframe...

    I've often had to push down real hard on the trailing arm while I lift up real hard on the shock so that the holes align enough to slide in the big shock bolt.

    Be sure to remove the pitman arm, it should give you a little more room to push the arm down. Hang the entire rear or disconnect the sway bar or else you'll be fighting against that too!

    Alternately/additionally you can wrap a strap around the spring and just cinch it up a little by hand to make it match.

    Oh yeah - don't forget the special mechanics words.


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    I used a long fence pole to bring mine down enough to get it happening.
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