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Thread: 98-328iC-Seat back won't go forward

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    Default 98-328iC-Seat back won't go forward

    I am the new owner of a 98 328iC. I don't (yet) know much about repairing them. The driver's seat back will tilt back, but I can't get it to come forward. I can't hear the motor working at all when I press the forward direction on the switch. Is this a bad switch, bad wire, or bad motor?
    And is this difficult for a novice to fix?

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    I had that similar problem on my E32 on the rear seat right side. Seat was not moving, headrest would not move.
    Turned out to be a defective relay for the motors. Have you checked for fuses for the motor?
    Anyway, you need to use your multi-meter and check how far the voltage goes on various points.

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    Did you get your problem fixed? I also have a similar problem. My driver's seat reclines just fine, but it does not come back up. It moves up and down, as well as forward and backward okay. What could be the problem?

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