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Thread: Pontential Aussie E34 buyers!

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    Default Potential Aussie E34 buyers!

    Saw this on Ebay...

    Appears to be an Executive with dual climate, rear headrests, leather, sunroof etc.

    The auto trans is apparently a bit sus but check out the wheels!
    Do they look like genuine staggered Style 5's or not? - Really quite rare here in Oz!
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    1990 E34 535iA, 215,000kms (130,000 miles).
    Dual Climate, Rear Headrests, Rollerblind, M-Tech Wheel,
    Memory Seats, EAT Chip, T-Stars.

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    that thing's been for sale for a while now. shame about the 'box.

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    realoem giude has this with the last 7 of the vin as production 08/88 m30 535i.$6k wouldnt be to bad for a day2day burner.

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