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Thread: OT: this is the 2nd time in the last month my ticket has been dismissed...

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    Default OT: this is the 2nd time in the last month my ticket has been dismissed...

    before court got underway or defendants' witnesses were sworn. if you remember from last week, i posted of submitting a request for public records and getting a useful piece of info as a result. that info was: the guy that wrote the ticket no longer worked for the sheriff or even lived in town. you can all say what you like about my ticket fighting skills....i still didn't go to sleep last night so that i could formulate a dynamic defense and practice bobbin' and weavin'. the judge said "the sheriff's office recommends that the ticket be dismissed." bs, methinks. why would the sheriff recommend anything? the sheriff had the nerve to send a letter to me stating "the guy isn't here anymore, ergo he can't answer of your interrogetories, but we can answer some of them, for the cost of 51.60$ USD. i know that in a situation like that, the judge would call one up and effectively say--lack of prosecution--dismissed herself. this is florida, for cripes sake, the policeman could testify by affidavit if they wanted (i wouldn't let them, of course) im happy that whatever i did or do gets me out of court so quickly, however...ii know that some here will say that it was dumb luck BOTH times, 'll just have to be content in knowing that i have decent skills with respect to such matters.

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    I like these stories Ryan. Keep them up

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    Most people dont fight their tickets (about 90%+/-) and those that do fight(legally I mean), most get off totally or a greatly reduced fine/punishment/points.
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    theres no doubt you have defence skills Ryan, thing is 99% of anyone wouldn't put forth such effort...let alone getting these lucky straws.
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